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Fringe Prep is our workshops for teaching you the dances you'll perform for Fringe Day!  In-person instruction is available on Wednesday evenings at 5:00 pm.  We will add bonus workshops throughout the series, giving you opportunities to practice, practice, practice!  Each week we will walk you step by step through these dances.  And don't stress!  You have three months to learn these dances!  You're going to do great!  We take our time in Fringe Prep to ensure you are confident with the steps as we get ready to dance them out on Fringe Day!

We will record every Fringe Prep workshop session, as well!  So if there's a workshop you can't attend, no worries!  You can refresh through the video and pick back up with us at the next workshop!  

The cost for Fringe Prep, a 12-week series of workshops, is $40,
which also includes Fringe Day, where we take what you've learned and we
Dance It Out!

Fringe Day Prep Workshops

  • Join the Heart & Soul Line Dance Team!  Learn the dances for Fringe Day and get ready to perform for our 2025 season!

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