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Women United in Friendship Dancing through Life Together!
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Welcome to Heart & Soul Line Dance

Our goal is to inspire and encourage women to exceed their own perceivelimitations and dance with heart and soul!

No Experience Necessary!

Whether you are brand new to line dancing or have been dancing for years,
Heart & Soul offers classes for women of all ages and dance levels!  Our instructors will walk you step by step as you learn the basics in line dancing with Bakersfield's own Heart & Soul Line Dancers.  It’s a great workout and a perfect way to meet and make new friends!

Studio X 661
4000 Easton Drive, Suite 9, Bakersfield

Beginning January 17th
Wednesdays at 6pm or Saturdays at 9am

How it Works:
Our Workshop sessions run monthly for $20 per month (billed monthly).  Each session is a 4-week or 5 week series (depending on the month).

Workshops are for women ages 15 and up.  No dance experience is necessary!  We walk you step by step through each dance!  Our workshops provide at atmosphere that encourages you to grow and dance freely with other women in our community!  It is a fantastic group of ladies who encourage and lift one another up as we take this dance journey together!  Line dancing is a great workout and a perfect way to meet and make new friends!

What to Wear:
Got a favorite pair of boots you want to dance in?  Do you prefer tennis shoes?  Dress comfortably!  Wear what makes you want to dance.  And this is a workout as we dance through the hour, so make sure you bring water!

What We'll Learn:
Learn the basics in line dancing with the Heart & Soul Line Dancers. We teach you lots of fun social dances that are currently being used  on the dance floor, and they're fun to dance at weddings, specials events our just dancing with friends and family!  

Come on out and join us and let's dance through life together!


*Space Is Limited
Contact us for more information on how to sign up for our Workshops!
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